Saturday, September 1, 2007

Great NEWS!

I've been hounding Lou the Frog to let me use him in a film. Finally early this morning, he held his head and reluctantly said "yes, anything as long as you get the &#@*$ out."

The one stipulation Lou had was that there had to be women in in the film. Lots of women. I'm only happy to oblidge.

With the other film winding down, I'm getting geared up for the next. Progress to come soon! Check back! Oh, and could you bring Lou a tylenol and a glass of water? He's got a headache for some reason.


More than Jake said...


Thanks for the resources! I'll be sure to look into them right away!


Arschblog said...

The frog looks really cool!!!
And I like the girls!

benj said...

super nice & funny frog.
& The poses are GREAT!!!!

benj said...

The girl with the sunglasses is AWESOME! I like how you drew her mouth and her eyes.

chrisallison said...

Jake: Good luck!

Arschblog, benj: Thanks!