Monday, September 10, 2007

Rahsaan Roland Kirk

You know, this is my blog and I'll blog about whatever I damn well please. And boy oh boy, do I please Rahsaan Roland Kirk. Erm... shit. Well, guess I can't go back, it's already in print so I'm just gonna go forward with it.

Anyway, Roland Kirk is an amazing blind, jazz musician. He's known for playing 3 saxophones at once, two flutes (one in the mouth and one in the nose(okay, minds out of the gutter)), along with a maelstrom of other quirky instruments. He mastered circular breathing (where he doesn't have to stop playing notes to breathe) and was once recorded to play continuously for 2.5 hours without a breath break. This is footage from the Monteaux Jazz Festival.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Volunteered Slavery

Rahsaan Roland Kirk - no idea what the song is (not the song title)

Haha, he's his own horn section!


david gemmill said...

hes awesome. i love his early shit with jack mcduff. early soul jazz before he started being a genius on his own accord. there is also george braith. another double reed player. and of course eddie harris who made his own crazy weird isntruments and played varitone better than most dudes who abused it (lou donaldson did it unsuccessfully) john klemmer however did some awsome stuff with it (pre smooth jazz) like on the waterfalls albums or whatever they were called.

chrisallison said...

haha, i was just writing a future post on eddie harris. i just got that album swiss movement. i just got into soul jazz but i'll check out george braith and john klemmer. so much out there.

hey man, aren't we too young to listen to jazz? we should be crunk or something

stefimon said...

Hey there! Thanks a lot for your comment! I'm glad you liked my failureness-at-exercising doodle. And yus, Rocky Mount'n Way is an awesome song >D

See ya.

Mike Nassar said...
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