Saturday, September 22, 2007

Eddie Hazel

Eddie Hazel is the phenom guitarist that is known for his career with the legendary Parliament-Funkadelic. He was supposed to go on tour with the surviving members of the Band of Gypsies after Hendrix died, but Hazel himself succumbed to a drug induced heart attack too early for that to ever happen. It was just too good of an idea to ever happen, so it never did.

When Eddie left, guitar virtuoso Michael Hampton took his place. But this is a prime example of visceral feeling highly overpowering technical skill. Hampton has fast runs but loses the essential element that made Eddie fit so well into Funkadelic: feeling.

This ain't yo daddy's funk.

Eddie Hazel - jam

Funkadelic - Maggot Brain


Tal Moscovici said...

Holy shit, you have your own blog? What happened? Did Mike come in to the Katzenjammer Studios with some new artsy Japanese girlfriend that broke you guys up or what?

Eddie Hazel? If he hasn't played with Floyd or Zep I've never heard of 'em...Maggot Breath is good shit though.

chrisallison said...

Yeah, this is where I post all the juicy stuff that would make everyone else ashamed to know me.