Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Poo poo pee doo.

The roots of my immaturity can be clearly traced back to Betty Boop. Anyhoo, working on layouts for the next cartoon. I'm working right over the animatic (which you can see really faintly on the bøttom). Those are super loose drawings, and now I'm tightening them up (perspective grid and all) so I can get them into photoshop to do clean inks. Then I run them through to mill to color them with textures and the whole nine yards. God bless America.

Getting excited and trying to keep my nose to the grindstone. I think we'll launch for the new year. Then you can really confirm what a waste of time my life has been haha


Ivan Mendoza said...

Oh fersure bro! The one with the thumbnails that you saw a while back I haven't even started yet due to Story complications... But we've finally just finalized it. I'll definitely keep you in the loop bout it. Howz toon hole? u guys need any help? Let me know brother. Oh and this new drawing you have up is lookin great.

James said...

i really cant wait for the site.

chrisallison said...

Ivan: You rule, dude!

James: Thanks man!