Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Girl Studies.

Trying to finish this animatic, but I guess I need to buy some more royalty free music. Anyway, progress is still coming along on all my animatics, and of course more comics. Not much doodling or whatever to post these days. Sorry folks. Should be worth it once we launch.


Tony DiStefano said...

Thank you for that wonderful complement you left on my blog.No kiddin it means a lot.
You animate well. I really like the stumble cycle.The last post ,comic teaser pleaser is excellent.Love the whole look and I saw no wrong in the brick.The inking is great!Also the bald headed stooge in doodles is a terrific design.

ryan said...

Nice up-tilted head drawing those are tricky

Ivan Mendoza said...

Dude! I was lookin' thru ur blog and you got some real nice animation/drawings in here man. Anyhow... hope things are well.


Katie said...

Cute! I love the arms on the girl in the lower corner...nice movement!