Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just some heads.

just dropping off some heads i drew for birthday surprises.

lakfjalkrejwrlja. just finshed up 15 comics today. feels good, man. okay, now back to work on an animatic


UM said...

Hey Chris,
Thank you for your comment on my blog.
Just to let you know, I use different nibs and pens, depending on what I want to achieve. The Reagan/Thatcher cartoon was drawn with my MontBlanc fountain pen, the "Jump" drawing with a Leonard EF principal nib on a dip pen.
The Fleet Street Barber was drawn on hotpress watercolour paper with my MontBlanc fountain pen and the ink wash was build up, working from light to dark, as you guessed right.
hope this helps :-)

James said...

a dog smoking a cigarette, he he!

Deemo said...

Thanks dude!! ill try to post some animation as soon as possible.

Love what u guys are doing over at toonhole!

chrisallison said...

Uli: Awesome! Thank you. I looked into MontBlanc fountain pens and they're pretty pricey. I'm going to try to find a cheaper one and see if I like it before investing in what appears to be the best. Also, the EF principle nib seems similar to the Hunts 108's that I use.

James: Bad dog! Bad dog!

Deemo: Thanks dude. Hopefully we can all release some fun cartoons around the same time!

UM said...

I have a circular watercolor dish that is divided into seven smaller dishes. In section one I have ink heavily diluted, in section 2 a pool of less diluted ink and maybe a third one with hardly any dilution. The other ones I use to mix all three together if needed.
What might help you when planning a wash is to do a Photoshop version of your sketch first. you can plan the dark and light areas which will greatly help you when doing the actual wash.

The MontBlanc is very pricey but worth every penny. When I bought mine I went to a MontBlanc shop (Old Bond Street) and asked to try them out. There are seven different nibs, from Ef to OBB. I am actually drawing with an OB which gives you a very thick line but also very thin ones, when you turn the nib whilst drawing. Don't just buy a MontBlanc, try them out in the shop and then stick a few bucks into your MontBlanc piggy bank every week until you can afford it. Their gold nib makes drawing such a pleasure, no other cheaper pen will come even close. When using a fountain pen, the ink is naturally not water resistant, so you can't wash over it. You need to do the wash first over light pencil and then draw the line work.