Saturday, October 25, 2008


Lady doodles.


ryan said...

sup chris. i really like these poses and the chick's expressions/faces are great! the girl in the middle is hilariously trashy.

if i may say so, these women seem to be missing their curves, which IMO kind of defeats the purpose of drawing the female figure.

i know that girl drawings differ depending upon what the artist finds sexy. i for example like to draw slightly thicker, mega curvey girls, because that's what i find sexy.

but regardless of the girls weight class, the curves should always remain the same. so if you like drawing skinny girls (like these ones) they would still need their lady like curves - which they seem to be missing here.

i have prepared a little half assed tutorial which i hope you don't mind me doing. i am going to email it to you now.

chrisallison said...

thanks dude! i totally got it and i'ma check it out.

yeah man, girls are my weakness (and in real life, too!). i appreciate it duder

David said...

Thanks for your comment on the slim pickings blog!! Can I use the first drawing of this post as inspiration? There will be a lot girls like this in the Slim Pickings short!!!