Thursday, October 9, 2008


I'm always disappointed when the narrative model is attractive (I'm sure Sean K would strongly disagree). During a narrative session, the model stand isn't a runway. Oh well, I guess it makes you use your noodle more to come up with something that isn't completely vapid. This is the only decent drawing I got from today. Book to read "Secular Existentialism".

Coincidentally when there are beautiful people in meetings...


kris.w said...

sweet sketches man!

i like the simple construction on the top drawing. musta been a quick sketch.

and is that Derek underneath?!

chrisallison said...

Thanks Kris!

Yeah, that's Derek. I never would survived the Rococo period as an artist as I'm not the most flattering, but yeh. haha

kris.w said...

haha.. nah dude, it's good work. i knew EXACTLY who that was when i first laid eyes on it.

glad to see a fellow grad doing his thing. congrats on your success man! may your tusks stay sharp my friend.

ryan said...

i like that chick's "thinking" lips