Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Eddie Harris and Les McCann

Eddie Harris was a varitone (electric sax) player who recorded a great album "Swiss Movement" with Les McCann. Two terrific jazz musicians. Since nobody probably read my words, I'll just cut straight to the chase.

Eddie Harris - Listen Here

Les McCann - Compared to What


david gemmill said...

eddie harris is a badass. les mccann is alright but others surpass him in that style of bluesy soul jazz piano (gene harris, ray bryant). eddie was a competent sax player before he even switched over to the varitone. lou donaldson tried it, but by that point lou was kind of fading, his best recordings are the early 60s. the only other dude that i think successfully mastered the varitone is john klemmer (waterfalls live album) he used a lot of echo to create a layered atmospheric sound. Eddie harris was great though because he was always experimenting and wasn't afraid to fail. he had a shitload of influences.. he played piano and wrote some great underrated songs. also, hes the only dude that could trick you into thinking he was playing alto.

chrisallison said...

thanks for the suggestions, gemmill! i've never heard of gene harris or ray bryant, and i'll check out the waterfalls live album.

Anonymous said...