Sunday, August 7, 2011

Test video.

Just got a new camera. I have a ton of ideas for shorts, and they don't all need to be animated so maybe I can film some. Here's my first test footage I did with my new 60D.

Canon 60D Test. from Chris Allison on Vimeo.

Sorry for lack of artwork, but I've been working on a long format comic that I'll be releasing on really soon!


Tim Robinson said...

Cool footage. The warm lighting in the first shot is nice.

Jac The Bee said...

Liking the point of view and the funky, groovy tunes. Looking forward to seeing what comes from your 60D. Makes me wish I got the 60D rather than to 50D. word verification they are asking me to type is: case you needed any inspiration for a name for a character.