Saturday, April 23, 2011


So I'm getting the hang of After Effects. I'm learning some particle effects and stuff to give a little extra bit of polish. I'm really stoked to use the 3d camera and give a lot of these shots a LOT more depth than just regular Flash work. Here's a compositing before and after where I feel like the dust really adds to the environment of this shot. Maybe you gotta wait to see it animated:


Chris Ybarra said...

Love the shots from this film your making, can't wait to see it!

Kirun said...

dude, amazing work!
how are you learning these compositing tricks? trial and error or do you use like tutorials or something?


Tung Nguyen said...

That's a lot of polish... I feel inadequate. Lol.

chrisallison said...

Chris: I've gotta recomposite my film and add a bunch of new elements, but should be done soon. I'll send you a copy before we upload it cuz that'll take forever.

Kirun: I actually met with a dude from Dreamworks who's been giving me some tips. Hit me up on AIM whenever if you want to learn. Two big things that he hit me with are: a) creating particle effects (wind, smoke, dust, light) and b) vignetting around the edges (blurring and darkening/coloring).

Tung: you are crazy, your drawings are awesome. Keep it up!

Tim Robinson said...

Great stuff!

BENJ said...

GREAT job!