Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Compositing Magic.

Trick #231231312:

When you got a close-up, if you gaussian blur your BG, it mimics a wide angle lens and gives you more depth! It's less about mimicing live action, and more about giving the audience a clear place to focus. It doesn't feel right to stare at the out of focus BG details, so it draws your audience eyes right where you want them to look: at your crappy animation.

oh i guess here's the before picture to compare.

Okay back to work.


WIL BRANCA said...

It's looking really good, Chris!
I can't wait to see this!

Anonymous said...

hey chris, some incredible stuff. i was wondering when you'll be done with this short, it looks great. how many shorts are completed so far for the launch of that website?

a big fan,

chrisallison said...

Thanks Wil!

Edward: I'm currently pretty much done with the short. I'm working with a guy that volunteered to help me mix the sound. I might add some final compositing touches if I can figure them out, like subtle steady cam movements, but this one is pretty much in the can. It won't be on the website for a while tho.

We actually have already launched but we're not going to release films until next year. It's just comics right now. We're accumulating a bank of films so that we can release with some regularity. I think we have around 8 or so films, all at least a minute long.

Thanks for asking Edward! I'll be sure to announce when we start releasing so you'll be some of the first to know!

mikecarloooyeah said...

Hey Chris,
It's been forever and a day that I've been on this blog stuff. I do however stop by here when I can, and its great to see the stuff you've been doing. More animation please! I can't wait to see more. Thanks man. catch you later.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your animation! It's coming out great!