Thursday, January 21, 2010


Despite tornado warnings in California, I'm still braving the danger and bringing you ugly portraits. Help fund my first live action venture so I can make you LAUGH!


benj said...

WOW! super nice.

I really like all your portraits! Maybe it'll sound ignorant, but which medium is it?

Is it watercolor? How do you proceed... are those black lines ink? Do you put the color or the lines first? Are you in underwear while reading this? Will I shut up?

chrisallison said...

I'm working on pretty thick, heavy grade cold press illustration board (Crescent 100). I transfer my drawing from a piece of paper to the board, and then I ink with Doc Martin's ink (LOTS of inks say they're waterproof, but I've found Doc Martin's to be one of the few inks that really are). I use Hunt's 108 inking nibs. Then I watercolor with some cheap watercolors. If I need to push or pull hues/values, I go on top with Prismacolor pencils. For all the opaque kickers, I've been using acrylics. If I had gouache, I'd probably use that tho. And finally if the watercolors got too opaque, I might go back in and pull the linework back out with more ink.

This gives me a great idea. I'm gonna do a process breakdown for my next post.

benj said...

YEAH! Thanks for telling me your "secrets" Chris. Looking foward to see your process breakdown post.

BTW happy (belated) birthday!

tek! said...

hahaha veiny tits
mmmm thats sexy!

Eric Noble said...

I like this girl caricature you posted. Funny, but still cute. Good work. Thanks for posting on my blog. I hope you enjoyed the cartoonists I highlighted.