Tuesday, October 13, 2009


my new film is gonna have 20+ paintings. eep! if anybody knows where i can get high quality traditional texture scans, let me know. it'd be a big time saver for me. until then, i'll have to use my own stuff.


ryan said...

That is awesome man. Really nice glass shards and coloring.

John-Michael Morgan said...

For something this brutally badass, I'll happily send you these links for textures:




The painting here is awesome, Chris!

James said...

Cool. So how long is this gonna be?

Will Finn said...

love that frog

Rick Roberts said...

Yo Chris:

Great art and I would also like to say great response to John K.'s anti-independent artist bull shit. I directly responded to his rebuttle to your comment, which was naturally censored, so I'll show it to you:

"John I know you won't post this but I will simply write this to address you. You really should stop this constant slander of independent animation.

Have you ever looked at the shorts at Cartoon Brew ? The list is nearly endless of animators who have no clout in the industry and churned out products with NO aid from some cartoon studio. And yes, many of them are genuinely entertaining. They are not all just artsy fartsy stuff. Bill Plympton has been mentioned quite a few times here and you ignore it.

Also last, has the notion ever entertained you that these independent artists are not starving ? That they have full time or part time jobs and they take their meager funds in order to produce films ? I am trying to work for the state right now because those jobs have the best benefits like weekends off, federal holidays, and of course, good pay. Any young cartoonist could get one these state jobs, many which don't require a college degree, and take what time they have to refine their crafts. And don't tell me the economy sucks right now and they aren't hiring, they are.

You know, it's very sad that I and others who visit this blog should be advocating independent artists to thrive John. You always present yourself as a rebel who wants to bring back the quality of the 1940's and yet you always deter people from the ideal route. I know why and you know why so I won't bother to explain any further."