Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sorry for the delays.

I'm having some compositing issues. For some reason, After Effects is cropping my .swf's when I import them. I know the information is in the .swf because when I view it in a web browser, I can see the stuff outside of the stage (box where you draw). However, when imported into AE, stuff outside the stage gets cropped. I have a pan and some subtle camera movement stuff so that stuff is integral. Anybody know what setting I have wrong, or how to fix this problem? I'll be your best cartoon pal.

Anyway, here's my hack title card:

I'm a sucker for a blue kicker, what can I say? I have Don Lagerberg to thank for that.

Okay, back to cartoons/comics.


David said...

I don't know how to fix that, sorry!

But I like that title card very much! Title cards which show the character like that are always cool, it makes you want to see the cartoon even more! "Lou the Frog is in this one? Cool! What will he be up to this time?!?"

Painted very nicely, but maybe you need to put more time in the title font itself. Keeping you focused!

Will Finn said...

This Lou the Frog makes me laugh every time i see him.

I wish i had some tech advice but you're already way ahead of me there....

can't wait to see more of him

Anonymous said...

I can't wait. Call a technician!

BlueHippo said...

Are you using a scripted camera? You mentioned camera movements, if you have a scripted camera, it's not going to export properly. When I had to turn a swf with a camera into a movie file I used a 3rd party swf converting device to convert the movie into an AVI (or some other movie format, can't recall which) and then I was able to edit it. But I'm not sure what exactly you're trying to do in After Effects, and the outside of the stage always gets cropped on anything that's not an swf.

Maybe just export those scenes separately and piece them together later? Not really sure, hopefully some of my ramble helped :c

chrisallison said...

David: I'm probably gonna go back and do a better font for the final. I just felt bad for promising a cartoon and then not showing anything.

Will: Woohoo! There's a lot more of him on the way.

Anon: My good pal Mike Nassar said he would come over and give me a hand. He's a wizard with this stuff, so hopefully he can save the day. Let's hear it for Mike Nassar!

Blue Hippo: I'm not using a scripted camera. I'm just exporting a regular .swf and I'm trying to avoid restaging a whole bunch of stuff. the scene in question has a TON of layers and it would really be a pain. a little research might save myself a LOT of work.

Thanks for the support still, guys. I'm not just sitting on my thumbs, I'm hopping over to cleanup on another film while I try to figure this stuff out.

ryan said...


Kenny P. said...

I jus drah bakrownds. Dono no kamra stuf.

Title card looks DAMN GOOD!

Emily said...

Beautiful title card! Did you use Photoshop for coloring, or what?


Mike Moloney said...

damn dude nice coloring, love his eye highlights. Its funny but seeing a title card like that says 'actual cartoon' to me, where you know the animation is gonna be awesome, cannot wait!

Sorry about AF, I've done a lot of swf composting in AF and don't know what is up with the cropping...I'd suggest getting your friend to help you, cause a problem like that is usually solved instantly if you know what is wrong. Good luck!

benj said...

AWESOME title card!!!