Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pencil Previews.

I've got a new theory that rather than finish one comic all the way through, it's more efficient to pencil a WHOLE BUNCH, then ink a WHOLE BUNCH. You wrap your mind around each part of the process kinda different, so why jump around? Anybody feel the same? I'd love to hear professionals insights on the matter as I'm just kinda fumbling in the dark at this point in my life


Katie said...
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Vincent Waller said...

Ha. I like granny one boob. :)

Sherm said...

I totally agree with the chunking theory. I can't even approach a storyboard unless I break it down into manageable sections. Helps me wrap my brain around what I'm doing...and you get a feeling of accomplishment when you finish a section!

Trevor Thompson said...

If I'm in 'complete' mode, I expect to move faster because the thought has already been put into it ( except for inking flairs ).

But, I always sketch first, and if I have a lot of finished stuff I need to have done, I wait until ALL of the pencil stuff is done. I may not be a professional yet, but that's going to be changing soon.

I totally agree with you Chris. I guess we're just built that way.

- trevor.

chrisallison said...

Vincent: Haha, I like to draw from real life.

Sherm: I feel like it's really helping with my productivity. When I'm in the mood to come up with ideas, it seems like I get a BUNCH more done if I don't try to go straight through. And when I'm in the mood to ink, if I have a bunch done I'll breeze through them. It's nice for me because it lets me do stuff when I'm in the mood so the work turns out better (and faster!).

Trevor: That's a big reason why I think doing stuff in groups works for me. I do that part of the process when I'm ENTHUSIASTIC to do it. I agree, sometimes I'm so psyched on something, I just want to FINISH it so I do. Good luck with your quest to become a pro! You're enthusiasm will make you really appealing to studios!