Saturday, January 12, 2008

Timmy's Christmas

*Deep, trailer-narrator voice* Once in a lifetime, a cartoon is released on the internet. A cartoon that was produced so quickly, so efficiently, so funnily-ish, that the internet almost collapsed.
That cartoon.
Timmy's Christmas.

VIEW IT HERE. <-----------

I wasn't the only person to work on this project (in fact, I didn't really do much except bug everyone to see their scenes and laugh obnoxiously loud). Mad props to Mike Nassar, Ryan Khatam, and everyone's favorite David Gemmill who really pulled through on this project. I suspect we'll be collaborating more in the future, as well as have our own side projects. So get excited about a new brand of cartoon hitting local internets everywhere!


Will Finn said...

"Once in a great while comes a film that is both naughty and nice..."
This is it.
I mean come on, the kid must have deserved it, right?

mikecarloooyeah said...

Hey man, Thanks for the awesome comment. I ve been a bit neglectful of the blogs lately and I regret to say that I haven't been here in a while too. I really dig on these drawings. I a big fan of funny drawings and you seem to have that going on really well. It's nice to stop by and have so much cool stuff to to take in. Anyway, thanks again keep it up!

Jack said...
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Jack said...

Could you tell us which scenes were done by which people? That'd be great.

chrisallison said...

Will: Totally. Why, just in 2007 he gathered a petty theft, DUI, and probation violation for his permanent record!

Mike: Thanks dude! Looking forward to seeing more animation of yours!

Jack: Sure! One thing that I really like about Mike being director is that he totally let us have free reign of our scenes as long as they told the necessary information for the film. He had a hilarious concept with really great boards that we had an opportunity to plus if we had ideas.

All the layouts were done by my pal John Martinez. Super draftsman and saxophone player extraordinaire.

The awesome opening shot was David Gemmill. We all gotta give David a hand because he animated that intro scene on ones (because the camera pans on ones so animation's gotta match).

The super appealing close ups of the kid were by Ryan Khatam. I learned a lot about economizing in Flash from coloring his files. He got GREAT animation in a simple way by really planning everything out.

I did the FX animation like light, snow, and blood FX. I also did the kid ripping open the gift and the japanese photobooth robot scene.

Mike Nassar animated the super robot beatdown and the end Santa Claus stuff. He did the sound design, painted the backgrounds, came up with the idea, and really created this fun project for all of us to work on.

Jack said...

Awesome. Definetly do more collaborations in the future.

david gemmill said...

lets give it up for my main man MIKE NASSAR for putting this badboy together. producer and cartoonist extraordinaire and CHRIs allison for animating the hard scenes and ryan khatam for doing appealing clean closeups

Brian Romero said...

Nice work! I was hoping the robot would kill the little bastard. My prayers were answered.



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