Monday, November 12, 2007

Hound Dog Taylor AND Little Walter

Two for the price of one! What a deal! Wait, you didn't paying anything? Why, get out of here you bum!

Anyway, here is a great example of Little Walter. I haven't seen much footage of him. He's the quintessential blues harp player, probably alongside Sonny Boy Williamson Jr. Little Walter really blows it on this tune (in a good way, immature readers) and Hound Dog is backing him right up on slide.

Hound Dog Taylor is one of the few upbeat blues players that I can follow with any enthusiasm. There's just something about his playing that really hits home. He's got a really crunchy tone and his sliding is sloppy (because he was not only a great guitarist but a great alcoholic too) and makes for some really great down home blues. There's probably 3 songs in the Hound Dog catalogue that he rearranges and puts different lyrics to, but you'd never notice.

Hound Dog Taylor & Little Walter - Wild about You Baby

Hound Dog Taylor - It's Alright

Hound Dog Taylor - I Held My Baby

Slower tune of the Dog's that I really dig.

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